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About Powertube

Production of the Powertube

The Powertube devices are all 100% manufactured in Switzerland. The manufacturer of the devices and the distribution for foreign countries is managed by the company Swisspowertube AG, located in Forst (Canton of Bern), with the managing director Martin Frischknecht and his wife Katrin Frischknecht-Hasler. During the production of the Powertube, the device and all contributors are regularly subjected to the controls for the medical test certificates.


Powertube stands for highly developed TENS therapy devices by Dipl. Ing. HTL Martin Frischknecht.

The Powertube TENS therapy devices are used worldwide with great success and the demand is enormous. The demand for alternative healing and treatment methods is also growing rapidly. And this is where Powertube comes in. Not only the device can help you, but also our experience in connection with the use of Powertube TENS units will benefit you. We support you with workshops and consultation evenings and are available for information and ideas whenever possible. The numerous events are also a good opportunity to get to know the Powertube TENS frequency therapy and Martin Frischknecht, the developer of this method

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